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Up today, the trailers for Kaboom, Happythankyoumoreplease, Love and Battle: L.A.

Okay, so we’ve got a bunch of college Freshmen peddling the usual “I’m supposed to be irresponsible” bullshit while basically trying to hump everything. Our hero is living in what passes for sexual confusion in teen movies (he has, apparently, ready access to a shag, yet his roommate is more attractive than he is, sort of, but not really). I’m sensing some serious “I might be gay/bi” going on here. I mean, who makes an indy film about sexual awakening without piling on a lot of LGBT pretensions?

Then, he gets a weird note and the ‘Donny Darko’ rejects are following him around being weird. There’s a bunch of dream/drug-imagery and “holy crap, stuff is weird” dialogue. Of course, if you’re expecting depth, you are in the wrong film festival. This is one of those films where someone visually-oriented tries to be a writer. They trick themselves into thinking splashes of color have meaning, that just because it looks cool, it’s worth watching. So, sex and cheap special effects. Have fun, kids.


Oh, look, a bunch of 20-something New Yorkers are going to teach us the meaning of life. What a fresh and original idea. Plus, it was written/directed by and starring the guy from the most milksop stupid sitcom on American television. Awesome.


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