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Okay, so these are mostly me ranting about horrible movies are going to be based on three minutes of decontextualized footage. Well, as a change of pace, today, I’m going to rant about how freaking awesome a couple movies are going to be based on a few minutes of decontextualized footage. Yay!

First up… LOVE

Sadly, not a filmed version of the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show. I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Angels and Airwaves are apart from what I’ve gleaned looking at the comments. At first, I was skeptical about what is apparently a not-rock-opera film made by a band, which looks rather conspicuously like a rip-off of Moon. However, of all the movies a rock super-group could rip-off, Moon is not a bad choice at all. At least, they’ve got good taste.

What are we looking at? This is another trailer that tells us almost nothing about the plot, yet it’s so gorgeously shot you almost don’t care. However, this is way more promising than Tree of Life. For starters, instead of a bunch of vaguely spiritual/metaphysical ramblings, we’ve got some readily graspable, if abstract, existential questions about meaning. There’s a distinct sense of trying to see one’s life in the broader context of history. Which explains why the Civil War soldier is in there.

We have an astronaut kind of going nuts, a kid on a skateboard, a dude on a motorcycle, the Civil War guy and a hot girl. These elements are somehow and unsurprisingly tied together by the question of meaning. There’s no obvious conceit here (as there was with Tree of Life), we’re probably looking at a plot-light film or potentially four distinct plots woven together. Yet, there is a clearly presented conflict, with the astronaut.

All in all, great trailer and a very promising movie. I may have to look up these Angels and Airwaves folk.


Battle: L.A. broke out with one of the best minimalist trailers ever a while back. The simple and very creepy music over lots cut shots of things exploding was dynamite. Now, we’re getting a bit more story, not that we needed it. What started with H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds (the book) has become a fairly played out sub-genre in sci-fi where the seemingly invincible aliens are fought back, in the end, by something incredibly simple. Then, things took a turn with Alien and suddenly that genre realized it could be scary. It got mixed with the monster movie and got really ridiculous. In it’s purest form, we get Independence Day; in it’s most pathetic, we get War of the Worlds (starring Tom Cruise).

What we are looking at is Independence Day getting the District 9 treatment. Maybe you’re not into sci-fi, but I am and that sentence makes me salivate a little. Trailer-wise, we’ve got the conflict smacking us in the face, with plenty of just-right glimpses at the characters to know we aren’t looking at another Cloverfield (which had the most annoying set of heroes of any movie I’ve ever enjoyed).

Watch it. Watch it hard.


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