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Category Archives: Trailer Trash

Okay, I’m just going to do a bunch of these all at once. Rapid fire, kind of. I’ve got Red Riding Hood, Rubber, Immigration Tango, Bereavement and Gnomeo & Juliet. All the trailers worth talking about!

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Okay, so these are mostly me ranting about horrible movies are going to be based on three minutes of decontextualized footage. Well, as a change of pace, today, I’m going to rant about how freaking awesome a couple movies are going to be based on a few minutes of decontextualized footage. Yay! Read More »

Up today, the trailers for Kaboom, Happythankyoumoreplease, Love and Battle: L.A.

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There are three movies on deck for Trailer Trash today. First up, I’m doing a Korean movie because as love/hate as my relationship with ROK cinema is, I gotta give some love to the people paying my rent. 😛 Read More »

The trailer is a fine art and something of an obsession of mine. As a kid, I actually jury-rigged a vhs camcorder, vcr and stereo together (with help from my Dad custom making a cable for me) to cut together my own trailers for movies in the family library. Took hours!

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