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Because you can judge a movie by its trailer. That’s sort of why they make them.

Okay, so I think we can all agree that Nicholas Cage needs to stop. Next, Knowing, The Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Bangkok Dangerous, The Sorcerers’ Apprentice (seriously, America, if you’re going to cast Monica Bellucci, give her some freaking lines!) The closest thing to a good movie Cage has starred in since I was in High School was National Treasure 2. The only thing saving him from being Harrison Ford right now is the supporting role he landed in Kick-Ass.

So, let’s take a look at the next thing he wants us to sit through. Read More »


In 2003, the American Film Institute (AFI) released its list of the 20th century’s best heroes and villains; fifty of each. So, since we’re all fans here, I thought it was high time that this greatest hits list made some actual hits. Sure, in the actual films, the heroes and villains are perfectly balanced against each other, but outside that context, how does their badassery stand up?

Starting with the number 50 slot and working up the list, I’m covering the fifty greatest film showdowns that never happened.

50. Russel Crowe in Gladiator vs. Denzel Washington in Training Day Read More »

This is a movie news and goofing around blog. Things will really kick off in January, but I’m starting my series of showdowns from AFI’s 100 years… 100 Heroes & Villains list now. Enjoy my fellow nerds.