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I’m counting down AFI’s 100 years… 100 Heroes and Villains for the fifty greatest showdowns that never happened. Okay, 49; the thing with Silkwood doesn’t count. Today is a bit more psychological, but still pretty freaking awesome. It’s…

#44. Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle vs. Baby Jane Hudson Read More »


The trailer is a fine art and something of an obsession of mine. As a kid, I actually jury-rigged a vhs camcorder, vcr and stereo together (with help from my Dad custom making a cable for me) to cut together my own trailers for movies in the family library. Took hours!

So, this is me analyzing current trailers. Read More »

Okay, I am counting down the 50 greatest showdowns that never happened, using AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains list. After a few stinkers (freaking Silkwood!), we’re into the real dynamite. Last time, we had Keaton’s Batman losing to Hans Gruber and today, it’s…

#45. Tyrone Power in The Mark of Zorro vs. Jack Nicholson’s Joker Read More »

This is what I’m talking about! Today’s bout is true movie geek gold. Not to mention, laconic as smeg. I am counting down the greatest showdowns that never happened with AFI’s 100 years… 100 Heries & Villains. Today, it’s…

#46. Michael Keaton’s Batman vs. Hans Gruber (Die Hard) Read More »

In 2003, the American Film Institute created its list of the 100 greatest heroes and villains of film in the previous century. What I’m doing is that classic nerd pass time of lying back and wondering who would win in a fight. Having already gone through the list, I can promise that the vast majority of them are smashing! #47 is not.

Allow me to illustrate this…

#47. Meryl Streep in Silkwood vs. Paul Muni in Scarface Read More »

Here’s the deal, I’m counting down the greatest movie brawls that never happened using AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes and Villains list, pitting placement against placement. It occurs to me that I could turn this into a tournament… but I probably won’t. Yesterday’s was a bit lackluster, but we’re totally making up for it today with the freaking awesome #48 set-up:

[WARNING. If you haven’t seen The Usual Suspects, stop reading, go watch it and come back.]

#48. T-800 Terminator (Terminator 2) vs. Roger “Verbal” Kint aka Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects) Read More »

Today’s battle is a bit less pitched than last time. This is partly because our films are so mismatched. Nevertheless, there may be something fun, here. So, let the battle commence between our #49 bout:

49. Tom Hanks in Philadelphia vs. Auric Goldfinger Read More »

In 2003, the American Film Institute (AFI) released its list of the 20th century’s best heroes and villains; fifty of each. So, since we’re all fans here, I thought it was high time that this greatest hits list made some actual hits. Sure, in the actual films, the heroes and villains are perfectly balanced against each other, but outside that context, how does their badassery stand up?

Starting with the number 50 slot and working up the list, I’m covering the fifty greatest film showdowns that never happened.

50. Russel Crowe in Gladiator vs. Denzel Washington in Training Day Read More »

This is a movie news and goofing around blog. Things will really kick off in January, but I’m starting my series of showdowns from AFI’s 100 years… 100 Heroes & Villains list now. Enjoy my fellow nerds.